Magento 2 Features

I wrote a blog, only 6 months ago, about whether Magento was right for you and the amazing Magento 2 features. In only 6 months, there is so much more to talk about, as Magento fulfil their promise of continually improving the platform. Here is a summary of just some of these new great features.

Integrated CMS

So, they already had this, but now they have taken it to a whole new level with the Magento PageBuilder. We have had so many clients anxiously waiting for this and when it arrived, it did not disappoint. Now merchants can build landing pages with just a click and drag! Pull in products, images, content and really build a buying experience. Whatever you build will also already be responsive. Who needs a developer now! The other great thing is that the content can also appear in the site search results.

PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

It is every merchants dream to have a mobile app for their store. Something that will sit on the customers phone home screen, send notifications, be able to upload photos and all sorts of other great things. Now Magento 2 features a Magento PWA studio.

Headless Magento

This is the biggest addition to the Magento 2 feature list. Now with introducing GraphQL with an extensive list of API’s, means you can use Magento for any type of site that needs to take transactions. Online retailers of anything from hotel rooms, theatre tickets, subscriptions etc can now make use of the very best eCommerce platform out there. Headless Magento means that you can create any user experience you want and not be constrained by the platform.

Magento B2B

Magento had already released their B2B module, but as more and more businesses are launching B2B sites, they further improved the module. Now it can support even larger customers with capacity for large address books. This along with having a quotation module, customer specific pricing, flexible checkout options, credit control and more, this is the platform of choice.

There are another 24 major features that are all about giving you the best converting online store you can ever think of and what you can’t think of, don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas for you.

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