Need a Magento 2 Agency to migrate your site?

The pressure is now mounting for those merchants that are still running a Magento 1.x site. With only 14 months to go before Magento stop supporting Magento 1. ’14 months! That is ages away’, I hear you say. Well, your time is coming to find a Magento 2 agency, asap. Here are some things you should consider before you sit back thinking you have a lot of time.

Typical Delivery Time: 6+ months

Yes, there are some sites that can be built within 3 months, if they are simple; classic user journey, minimal integrations and maybe a copy of the site you already have. However, why would that make good business sense? If you are going to migrate to Magento 2, you should first consider your requirements carefully, look at what other competitors and other sites are doing and see what would take you to the next level. You don’t want to be compromising your design, the user experience. A good Magento 2 agency will be able to help you cut down time with migrating products, customers and orders, so there is some time saving.

Competitors Getting the Ahead of You

Successful Magento 2 agencies are designing and building Magento 2 websites for many merchants, could one of them be yours! Don’t know about you, but my competitive nature would be getting the better of me, especially when I see the advanced feature list that Magento 2 has to offer! ‘What, I can build my own landing pages, I can have a mobile app, I can automate some of my marketing and merchandising…’! Yep, this and so much more to help with converting that traffic and increasing the basket value!

Supply and Demand

A new project is already going to cost you money, of course, but do you want to be paying over the odds? As the time starts ticking by, more and more Magento 2 agencies are going to get stacked up and will either have no availability or will have to charge you a premium. Then all will be left will be for you to chose an agency with little experience and hope you will get what you want. This really is not scare mongering, it is reality.


Can you really risk having an unsecured Magento 1 site? This is reality! If you have not moved from Magento 1, come June 2020, then you will risk your site not being secure. It will be a hackers field day, as soon as a vulnerability is found, they will be exploiting it. All that hard work you did for GDPR compliance goes out of the window as customer details get stolen or they SQL inject your site and pull credit card details as they are entered. At the moment, your site is secured because Magento release regular security as and when vulnerabilities are found.

This really is not the time to stick your head in the sand or be complacent. Don’t be left behind or worse still, be with no site! Go find a great Magento 2 agency now and get going.

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