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In November last year Magento, an Adobe Company, release Magento 2.3, this just laid the ground for what we were all really waiting for and that was Magento PWA Studio. Now the wait is over! In the release, just out this week, they gave us just that.

What does it mean to have a Magento PWA Studio?

This now mean that Magento is a Progressive Web Apps Platform. Meaning now you can have an online shop that can also be a web app. There are many advantages to this:

  • Your website can reside on the mobile desktop.
  • You can make use of native mobile features:
    • Notifications for sending updates, new releases, start of sales etc.
    • Allow customers to upload selfies straight from their phone.
    • Tap into them at the right time with location based services.
    • And so much more…
  • So much more cost effective than creating individual apps for each mobile operating system.

The studio comes with a lot of support for web developers to get a big head start on creating PWA’s. There is a PWA theme, Venia for running proof of concept projects, like the Luma theme they currently provide. There are developer tools to help setup their environment and then a number of components that can be reused or customised to your needs.

If you are using Magento already or plan to use it, then you really need to consider Magento PWA, this is the next new thing after responsive websites. I remember when clients used to ask for a ‘responsive site’ quote, to see the cost difference, now it is expected as standard. This is what is going to happen with PWA.

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