Magento Agency London

We are a Magento Agency, based in Central London and with offices near Gatwick and in Crewe. Magento has been the mainstream of our business for nearly 7 years, due to our owner being a well accomplished eCommerce industry expert. Rebecca has worked in the eCommerce industry for over 20 years for organisations like,, NatWest, to mention just a few.

First and foremost principle is to realise that not one size fits all, each online shop has to have it’s own personality. If we don’t get the this unique personality across, then you will not shine out from the crowd. The personality of most sites comes from the brand or the owner or how you need to sell your products.

‘Make’ money, not just ‘take money

We might be a Magento Agency and some people may see this as all we do – take care of the user experience, ensuring conversion, increasing basket values, but there is more to it than that! ‘Taking’ money on a website is one thing, but ‘making’ money is a whole other thing. If you are not taking care of what it is costing you to sell the products, get them out of the warehouse, accounting for stock, reconciling the bank and so many other back-office, unseen tasks, then you could be losing a lot of money. This is where we believe we differentiate ourselves. More than just a Magento Agency, we are eCommerce Solutions Consultants. Our Consultants will walk through every aspect of what your eCommerce business is doing and then recommend the very best, but budget fitting solutions that will help you be cost efficient.

objectsource will not just provide you with a great performing website, but we will ensure that you have a great experience with us when designing and building your site! Why?! It will mean that you will want to continue working with us in the long-term and those are the relationships we really enjoy!


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