25 March 2020

Coronavirus – Retail Crisis or Retail Opportunity?

Shops are shuttered, major supermarkets can’t keep up with demand while local stores sit like abandoned storage units.

Pure play direct to consumer brands have been big news over the past four years. They have one big problem though. Warehousing.

#shoplocal has been the hashtag of the “woke” generation for some time now but without access to local businesses those same people still click on Amazon and order their groceries from Tesco’s.

Is this the opportunity for local businesses to shine? Turn your shuttered shops into local warehouses, put your inventory online and add either delivery or click and collect (or both) and voila, you have a D2C e-commerce business and a community of customers in need of goods and wanting to support their local businesses.

You may not be internet savvy, you may be concerned about the costs of implementing an Ecommerce operation which will cost you upwards of £20k to do it right. Or will it?

London based digital agency, Objectsource has been helping businesses start, maintain and grow their online businesses for over a decade. MD, Rebecca Jones, looked at ways she could help people in this time and decided to offer her agency and expertise to create a way to affordably get small businesses online, quickly and cheaply and turn dying high street shops into thriving online businesses.

“Local shops can offer either click and collect or something that many online sites struggle with and only Amazon do, same day delivery! There is no need for any contact to be made, no need to be taking credit cards and touching pin pads, this would all be done online. All you need to do is get yourself an eCommerce store, load up your products and off you go. This is not a time to get depressed that you have had to close, this is the time to seize the opportunity to change the way you will do business forever. Just imagine the customer loyalty you will gain from this.” Rebecca Jones, MD, Objectsource.

Working with two of the worlds leading e-commerce platforms Big Commerce and Magento, who have agreed to waive license fees during the crisis, Objectsource is able to get a business online and running within a week for a fraction of the regular cost.

“We are a partner to our merchants” said Rebecca “We won’t only get you up and running we will keep you running and help you grow so you can go beyond surviving a crisis and thrive as the situation evolves.

”So don’t throw your hands in the air, change your perspective and find out how you can change your own story by turning a crisis into an opportunity.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, call up and find out if it’s a viable option for your business. (0203 301 3820) or drop us an email.