Is Magento 2 right for you?

This is a question many online retailers have asked themselves and now delighted with their move. Everything that was promised of the platform has been fulfilled. Furthermore, they are never short of new great conversion features to choose from, as the platform grows with them, as Magento continue to grow. Magento are releasing new releases every quarter that are packed with new features.

Some of the key new features include, but not limited to:

Integrated CMS

With the previous version, most online Magento stores would use WordPress in order to be able to deliver rich content to the consumer. This came with 2 issues, not being able to deliver product and content in the search results and it was another platform to learn. Magento now solved this problem its very own has a integrated CMS (Content Management System) and it is very simple to use.

Marketing Automation

With so much of the success of any online store being about Marketing and there being so many marketing solutions out there, they put in a number of tools that can automate some of this marketing leg work. Features like automating cross-sells, up-sells, rules based personalised shopping experiences and much more.

Smartphone Compatibility

It used to be about making the desktop experience spot on and then doing what can be done to make the mobile experience just as good, but now it is the other way round. From our customer website statistics, you can see that the % browsing on their phone is now higher than on desktop. Magento already saw this coming with this release Magento 2 and as such have adopted this philosophy when providing features for developers to use.


Really should not need to say much about this, if your site is not super fast, then no matter how much someone might want that product from your site, they will be off. Not only that, Google takes site speed into their algorithm for deciding on the ranking of your site. Magento have design the architecture of the platform for optimal performance and introduced some key pieces of software to further assist this.

There are another 24 major features that are all about giving you the best converting online store you can ever think of and what you can’t think of, don’t worry, there are plenty of ideas for you.

Wait, it does not just stop there…

Magento are not satisfied at just giving you an eCommerce platform that will scale and therefore grow with you, but they have also released 2 further platforms that are agnostic of the Magento eCommerce Platform. These are currently MOM (Magento Order Management) and Magento BI (Business Intelligence).

MOM – Magento Order Management – A connected shopping experience

This will enable you to do everything you need in order to place your orders with your suppliers, allocate the stock to different warehouses or stores etc and then manage the inventory. It also incorporates an EPOS, thus really bringing a proper Omnichannel experience.

Magento BI – Business Intelligence

Ever wanted to know if that last social campaign really worked, who are your best performing customer segments, why certain products are selling better, when you sold more and why and so many other questions? The issue with this is that you need to source data from so many different sources; website sales, website customers data, analytics, finance system, adwords accounts etc. Well, now with this tool you can pull in any data from multiple sources and get Magento BI to it’s magic to show you the answers in some great graphs. You can sign up for a free trial for this here.

If you would like to talk to a real person that will give you some honest and straigh talking advice about this, then we are here to do just that.

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