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We only decided to become a Magento Partner 8 months ago and were quickly accepted onto their highly contended Partnership program in November 2017, at the Business level. With Magento, all Magento Agencies have to start at the bottom and be there for at least year. However, after Magento saw just how passionate we are about their platform and the investment we made in developing our expertise, they decided to promote us to the Magento Professional Partner level.


This was awarded to us during a really exciting time for us at objectsource. We are probably one of the few Magento Agencies ou there that have delivered all the flavours (that is how I like to call them) of Magento; Magento Commerce Professional Cloud, Magento Commerce Starter Cloud, Magento Commerce On-Premise and Magento Open Source. Amongst this, we also got a Magento Extension approved on the Magento Marketplace! Oh, and not mentioned also being awarded Gold Partner status with, the highly innovative hosting solution that Magento also chose for their Cloud sites.

Being a Partner of Magento does make you part of an elite group, where you get all the insider knowledge, get to know about what is coming up in the next releases, get support from the experts and so much more. We had not appreciated before just how much being a Partner would help us step up our game! We already thought we were pretty good, at the end of the day, we decided to be a master of this trade and not a jack of all, but being part of the Magento team has given us a new level to provide an even more consultative approach to what we do.

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