23 April 2019

BlueSnap – Is your online store ready for growth?

Are you looking for ways to accept payments more seamlessly for your online business? Maybe you need more payment types to offer your customers, or a solution that has global bank connections for selling cross-border… Well, we’re here to let you know that BlueSnap has all of that and more … and their payment platform is the next big thing you should be considering for your online shop site.

As you may know, there are many payment processing options out there, but deciding which one is right for your business can be tricky. For most, payment processors like Stripe and SagePay are ideal. The onboarding process is quick and simple, and usually you are up and running within days.

When it comes to payment types, PayPal is a must, full stop. Customers shopping online are familiar with PayPal as a payment type and therefore very comfortable with passing over their credit card details to them, especially with the consumer protection they have.

However, do these payment processors have your business growth in mind? Maybe not, but BlueSnap’s solution does.

With Brexit on our tail, internet fraud on the up, online sales taking over bricks and mortar, and the increasing need to make the checkout more and more seamless, you need to be looking at the payment processor that will give you the tools and resources you need with just a single integration.

BlueSnap might not be the most well known payment processor out there, but it should be. It eats all those points I made, for breakfast.

The All-in-One Payment Platform gives you everything you need to process payments a better way. As a BlueSnap merchant, with just one account, one contract, and one integration, you get a payment gateway solution, merchant account, and advanced features to boost your bottom line—all in one place.

Below are some key products and features you get with BlueSnap’s Platform:

  • 30+ global acquiring banks ready to take local payments – increases the chances of payment being successful by 6%.
  • Number of eWallets supported; PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, Masterpass and Visa Checkout.
  • Gives you the ability to take payments the way you want – from subscription payments, to marketplaces payments, to invoices and over the phone payments via a Virtual Terminal…and more!
  • They partner with Kount for a built-in fraud solution and Chargebacks911 to provide you with the tools to dispute chargebacks and get alerts.
  • Vaulting – this enables you to save credit cards for future payments and securely.
  • Full open API and developer tools, so you can really design your ideal checkout.
  • Oh! And their transaction fees are the same as Stripe.

This is only a sneak peek of the products and features BlueSnap offers – the All-in-One Payment Platform is flexible and gives you all the tools you need to increase sales and reduce costs for your growing business, while keeping your customers happy at checkout.

Plus, BlueSnap is a Magento Technology Partner, so if you are a merchant running on Magento, then you are already halfway there.

If you would like to sign-up with to BlueSnap or are interested in learning more about their all-in-one payment solution, then get in touch with us and we will you in direct contact with the BlueSnap Managing Director, as we are official partners of theirs. You can also get in touch with us about the Magento module, it is free!