23 April 2019


BigCommerce is the latest big thing for eCommerce that has come from the United states of America.

They were founded in 2009, so a well established software vendor and now boast thousands of online shops with $17bn in merchant sales. They have some big names, but where they really do well in the SMB market.

BigCommerce comes in 2 flavours; BigCommerce Essentials and BigCommerce Enterprise

BigCommerce Essentials

With their Essentials solution, you simply put in a credit card payment and off you go, this is the perfect place to start for those early eCommerce adopters that have got a product they want to get out there. Starting at $30 per month, you can’t go wrong. If this interests you, then please visit their pricing and information pages.

Yes, all monetary values are in USD, but so are Magento’s, that just tells you that the States seem to pave the way in eCommerce Platforms and BigCommerce is no exception.

BigCommerce Enterprise

Then for those merchants that are taking $1 – $50mil online, then they have their Enterprise platform, this is where we at objectsource get interested.

So, objectsource have always been big fans of Magento and still are, so when we started to look at BigCommerce as an alternative platform for our sweet spot market, SMB, we were sceptical. We tried to keep catching them out with finding features they did not have, but they had everything. There is a great merchandising panel, ability to create all sorts of promotions, track orders, multi-currency, multi-language, tax, delivery and so on. It is simple to use and therefore quick to learn and start really earning those ‘bucks’ online.

As long as you choose the right BigCommerce Agency, you can be up and running within 3 months and with a tailor-made website, not some templated one that looks like every other online shop website.

The other great thing with BigCommerce, is that if you sign-up for their Enterprise Solution, then they will provide a dedicated Account Manager that is there for you to help you make the most of your investment. So you match that with a good agency that cares about you and an Account Manager from the platform vendor, how can you not make money!? Well, guess you have to have a good product too ;-).