Ultimate Magento 2 Upgrade Checklist

So you have a Magento 1 powered eCommerce store and you’ve been told that you should eventually move to Magento 2? Well you should. Not only because the Magento 1 will reach ‘End of Life’ in June 2020, but also because Magento 2 brings some added features:

  1. Enhanced performance – Magento 2 powered websites load 2-3 seconds faster
  2. Magento 2 has a responsive frontend design which is favourable by google’s ranking algorithms
  3. Faster and easier checkouts – making the whole buying process easier and more compelling
  4. Extensions and modules are easier and therefore cheaper – you can thank HTML5, Less, require.js and CSS3
  5. Ajax add-to-cart doesn’t require page reload every time an item is added to the cart
  6. Simpler admin navigation means even less experienced users can manage their online shop
  7. No database overload with Magento 2 split database solution
  8. Simpler dashboard – so that you can see all relevant information at once
  9. Upload products easier with the possibility to include videos
  10. More efficient customisation with up-sell, cross-sell and other personalised content
  11. Use CSS3, HTML5, MySQL and jQuery instead of prototype.js
  12. Lower hardware requirements for the same performance level


All the improved performance, security and overall experience will translate into a better conversion rate. But before committing to Magento 2, there’s a few things you bear in mind:

  • Take inventory of your current implementation – you should take into consideration user experience, configurations customisation and extensions.
  • Have a look at Magento 2 templates – they offer optimised frameworks for SEO and mobile
  • Review your existing extensions and consider adopting or upgrading with Magento Marketplace’s own – this will keep the cost down and ensure that you only mitigate essential add-ons
  • When is it best to make the move? Take into consideration any relevant periods such as seasonal business when planning your migration

Other factors, such as budget, number of sites and post-deployment activity can also become increasingly problematic if left unplanned. It is important to have an agency who is capable of deliver from consultation to continuous support, like ourselves.

Our team of expert developers and web designers is highly experienced in making better-looking and faster websites, resulting in better conversion rates and more loyal customers.

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