PWA – The future

Heard the hype about PWA, Progressive Web Apps? Well if you haven’t, then you better get researching, this is the future.

I am in love with PWA! So many times I have tried so hard to think that online retailers are not losing out by not having a mobile app and then I find myself using the Amazon app so many times, just because it is so darn convenient! It is fast to use and just sits there, winking at me, on my phone every time I want to buy something. I have even tried putting it in a folder on my phone, but I still end up going there. Well, hey! Watch our Amazon, PWA has arrived and it is now going to compete for that space.

PWA gives you, the online retailer (well, any website, actually) the opportunity to now have effectively a native app on your customers phone and without the cost of building individual apps for the iOS and Android. You also do not have to go through that arduous process of getting your app approved, that is completely down to when you are ready to release it.

Ok, so there is a cost, there is the cost of changing the way your front-end web pages are developed and this can be more expensive than the way they are done now. However, once this has been done, you then have a faster site and able to use the features available on the phone i.e. camera, notifications, geolocation. Imagine the things you can do with that; pop up a little notification about a flash sale, push notifications when you know they are passing your store or somewhere where your product could be useful to them and so on.

For all you online merchants out there, the main thing you first need to consider is which eCommerce platform you are using, by the way. Very few are ready for this, but Magento being who they are and therefore at the forefront of technology, have made sure they are ready. Although we are an early adopter of this, we are one of the few agencies out there that are cracking it with Magento and this is ahead of Magento’s release of their PWA Studio!

Fancy climbing on board and giving your customers what Amazon have, then you should give us a call!

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