Magento Hosting

objectsource Hosting, delivered by AWS and MGT Commerce

Getting your Magento hosting right for your site is vitally important. The performance of your site in terms and speed and stability is critical, you cannot just use any hosting service, it must be one that understands how to run Magento sites. This is why we carefully chose to partner with AWS and MGT-Commerce for our hosting.

AWS are the most well known and reliable cloud hosting platform available, with an amazing reputation for performance. As hosting now is far more than just copying some files onto a server, there are operating system updates, specific technical requirements for Magento, performance enhancing tools etc. We have therefore also partnered with MGT-Commerce, a well know service wrap that will provide this for our customers, so that we are able to focus on designing and developing your site.

We would fully manage the service for you, ensuring Operating System updates are made, disk space availability, Redis setup, daily backups retained for 7 days etc.

We have a number of different levels we can offer that will suit start up to high volume websites. Just hit our contact form and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.