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This was a great project, as this was a classic case of a successful online store using Magento 1 Community, outgrowing it and then taking the natural progression of moving to Magento 2 Commerce! When they came to us, they were on Magento 1.7 and needed to quickly replatform onto Magento 2 Commerce so that they could meet their sales objectives.

This was not that straightforward, as they also needed a tight and real-time integration with Odoo, their ERP system. As there is not a Magento module for this, we had to create one for them and used Magento’s RabbitMQ solution in order to make this robust and reliable.

As My 1st Years is a personalisation site, this was also a critical requirement, not just from ensuring customers could personalise their product, but this information also had to be passed to their ERP, Odoo.

From the outset, My 1st Years gave an immoveble deadline, this was achieved and without any compromise on the deliverable. As soon as the site was live, they were straight back to us with additional features, as there was not a list of issues to deal with, due to the quality of the build.


  • Tailor made front-end design
  • Integration with Odoo
  • Product personalisation
  • Integration with ShipperHQ
  • Ometria integration
  • Magento Commerce
  • Gift Finder
  • Checkout customisation


Mobile Conversion Rate Increase


Mobile revenue increase


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