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The project was another one of our replatforming to Magento 2 projects. When the client came to us, they were getting increasingly frustrated by the fact that they could not manage even the simple things on their online shop; promotions, adding products, adding banners etc. They were also wanting to add new features so they could keep up with their competitors.

As we always do, with this project we started by analysing the products and bringing those across first. As anyone that has embarked on an eCommerce project, they know this can be the most time consuming part! Once these were in, we were then able to really understand the landscape of what we had to play with for the design.

The client is delighted to have now moved to Magento 2 and be able to run their online shop autonomously and use us for helping them to keep growing rather than uploading content and sorting promotions.


  • Complete redesign
  • Feefo Integration
  • Replatform to Magento 2
  • onestepcheckout


Mobile Conversion Rate Increase


Mobile revenue increase


Mobile new visitor increase