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Who’d have thought that selling paint online would in fact be that hard! Well, the truth is that it isn’t, but that is if you did not want to do something as interesting as Craig & Rose.

Craig & Rose were already on Magento 1.9 and so for their big revamp, they wanted to move to Magento 2.x, Cloud Commerce. They needed to do this, as they wanted to be confident the site was going to meet the increased volume in traffic and they wanted to integrate their product offering with the general site content.

There were many feature requirements for this site, one of the main ones was an integration between their ERP system and Magento. For this integration we had to build a module that would bring in the various products and set them up accordingly. It was important that the products were setup in such a way the the various attributes could be used for other features in the site, like the paint calculator. This integration also had to be able to automatically send the online orders.

A really important part of what they wanted to portray with this site, was to be helpful. This meant that we needed to provide a fully integrated content area; ‘Inspiration’ and ‘Help & How To’ area. This brings in product content into the Bluefoot CMS and each piece of content is tagged so that users are able to easily find other related content/articles. This tagging was also required so that the relevant content could be displayed on the product pages.

Another key feature of this site was the colour wall. We needed to be able to provide the ability for users to be able to filter by colour. This is easy enough to achieve in Magento, however, not with providing the user experience that the client wanted to see. We resolved it though!


  • Dotmailer
  • ERP Integration
  • Stripe payment method
  • Paint Calculator
  • Full integration with Bluefoot
  • Stockist finder


Mobile Conversion Rate Increase


Mobile revenue increase


Mobile new visitor increase