9 October 2020

Why a Female led Agency is Different

Hint: It’s got nothing to do with sequins…

There are two female led, full service eCommerce agencies in the UK… This article however, isn’t about the shocking lack of encouragement that girls get to follow careers in technology (that will be another article though). This is about why some brands might do well to consider the merits of a female led agency.

What’s the difference?…

Technically… there is none… There is absolutely no difference between the ability that one gender has over the other to implement an eCommerce build.

But… (it would have been a short article without a “but”)

Women at the top of this industry have to try harder than men. It’s still harder to get your voice heard as a woman in technology and when you do, don’t make a mistake because you, as a woman will give yourself a really hard time over it.

On an evolutionary level, women are gatherers not hunters, we aren’t looking for the kill we are looking to develop lasting relationships built on trust. No wham bam thank you ma’am…

We are naturally more communicative and therefore you have less chance of having misunderstandings and issues down the line. You’ve heard of “it takes a village to raise a child” but seriously, it takes a village to build, design, maintain and grow a Magento webstore into a thriving business and we are just hard wired to nurture that way. We like to work with you not in silo so it becomes a proper partnership, we almost become your own eCommerce department.

So why aren’t women ruling the eCommerce agency space?

Because men are better at speaking up, they will be bolder about selling their value proposition and they are much more relentless in their follow up. While we are listening and not wanting to sound lacking in humility by bigging ourselves up and then, giving potential clients space to think. Our male counterparts have convinced the merchant that they will build a site so amazing that actually unicorns will be used to carry out the next day delivery on their fairy tale site that’s converting at a million x than it is presently and shown up with contracts and a bottle of champagne and got the deal signed.

In all seriousness, gender shouldn’t make a difference in this day and age but it does or there would be more than two female led agencies.

In my opinion as one of the women who has been loud enough, worked hard enough and been relentless enough to compete, I think we bring a lot to the table with regards to know how and integrity and knowledge. I have worked with a few of the top Magento agencies in the world and Rebecca beats them hands down on every count… Except the unicorns…. objectsource will not promise you unicorns.