Magento Support and Maintenance

So, your website is live and the fun has started! Now it is time to increase the revenue money, grow, scale and keep that website of yours stable!

Wow, we have made this super simple and super flexible! No fixed term contract, no varying rates and no limits to the expertise we offer. Oh, I should say that we also have an SLA for you!

What do you get?

Access to all our Magento experts; front-end developers, back-end developers, Magento Admin Panel Specialists, trainers, eCommerce Web Strategists, simply anything Magento related.

How do you get it?

We call it Retained Services Draw Down. You just need to decide how many hours or days you think you may want to retain with us and then whenever you make a request, we just draw down on the time used and then bill you by the minute, not the hour, the minute! Who does that!? At anytime you can top this up. When you want to know how your time has been spent, just request a detailed timesheet and that is what you will get.

How much?

Well, I would love to be transparent about this, but I would not like my competitors to know. So just give us a call and any of the guys in objectsource can tell you.

Come on, give us a call and let’s get your site really rocking and rolling.