About Magento 2.0

Magento 2 for you

The Highlights of Magento 2.0

Magento launched their first publically available version on 31st March 2008 and have just gone from strength to strength. Now they have really excelled themselves with the launch of Magento 2.0

This really has become the platform of choice for those growing and ambitious retailers. A platform that will grow with you and at the pace you want or need it to.

Below is the Magento Functional Overview.

Magento Functional Overview

Magento allows you to create a unique and engaging site with core features that enable you to create powerful shopping and checkout experiences. With a rich set of product discovery features, including search and layered navigation, detailed product pages with multiple images and image zoom capabilities, integrated product reviews and comparisons, and automated cross-sell and upsell features – you can personalise your customers experience. There are also many ways to increase those sales with coupons, running special offers, using customer groups or customer segmentation tools. How about building loyalty and encourage more frequent purchases with reward points, store credits, gift registries, and private sales.

Guess what, the range of management tools puts you in control of your online shop; control over products, merchandising, and site content. You are in control of putting in products of all shapes, sizes, colours, flavours and then also track how many you have in stock. Now the products are in, you can start organising them into category pages to maximise sales.

So, now you have made some sales, you can use that same management tool to efficiently track and process orders, oh and manage returns if you have to! Status of a customers order can also be viewed by the customers themselves through a Customer Account Management area.

It also fully integrates with Google Analytics so that you can track and analyse everything that goes on on your eCommerce site so that you can make well informed decisions on what to change.

Now we go a little more advanced…

Because Magento is an open platform, it means that you can extend it and oh boy, do I mean extend it:

  • You can use one of many of the plethora of Magento Extensions out there. These have been developed to give a real edge to your Magento online shop. These are everything from refer a friend functionality to address verification to a one step checkout and a whole lot more.
  • Perhaps you have a 3rd party system you need to pass order information, stock levels or product details to and from. Then Magento will either have an extension for this or you can build one yourself.
  • Finally, you have something very custom or specific that no other online shop has or it is something special to your business, then you can get this built in too. All you need to do is find a good Magento Agency to do this for you or perhaps your own web development team.

Front-End Design

Your brand, your visions, your desire for a particular look and feel, then this can all be achieved with the fact that Magento has built the presentation layer in such a way that it can be fully customised but still work with all the great features.

So, time to make a decision that 100’s of 1000’s of other large and small online retailers have made and make Magento 2.0 your eCommerce platform of choice.

Oops, sorry, there is only one real decision you have to make, should you use the Magento Community or Magento Enterprise version…?


Our Delivery Process


It is vital to the success of any project that everyone fully understands what needs to be delivered to ensure a highly successful outcome. During this phase we will run a workshop that will cover; website success criteria, design, user journey’s, your product portfolio, order management, order fulfillment and understand if there are any 3rd part integrations required.


objectsource uses an Agile development methodology. In short, this means we deliver your website in 1 or 2 weekly ‘Sprints’. Each sprint delivers completed areas of your website for you to review and feedback on. This way you get to see our progress throughout the project development cycle, you are not left wondering. You will be asked to plan your time to participate in each Sprint start briefing and each Sprint end testing/review.


A great looking website is one thing, but if it does not work then the customer will be put off and have a very negative view of your brand. Testing is undertaken throughout the delivery process to ensure that issues are discovered as early as possible and to negate having a protracted testing phase at the end of the project. You will also be invited to test at certain times throughout the project delivery.

Go live

Once you have given the go ahead to go live, we will run through a 35 point Go Live checklist, one that we have created over the years of delivering successful websites. This thorough process usually takes up to 1 day to successfully transition your site live.