Magento – Marketplace

Marketplace with Magento using Unirgy uMarketplace

Here at objectsource we use 2 open source platforms to fully customise a marketplace to your needs. Magento and unirgy combined give us an excellant grounding to design and develop a bespoke marketplace.uMarketplace Suite will transform your Magento store into a powerful, robust and feature-rich online marketplace with multiple independent vendors selling their products via a centralised product catalog and vendor specific uniquely themed microsites.

Building a Marketplace website, a website where you can get many different suppliers to come together in one online shop and sell their products, is the perfect solution for an Online Marketer.Not everyone is good at sourcing the right suppliers at the right price in order to be able to make a decent margin online, but if you think about it, you don’t need to be able to do this with a Marketplace. What you need to be good at is marketing your website in such a way that suppliers will be interested in selling on your site – look at Amazon and eBay after all, this is what they are good at. Then ‘all’ you need to do is start marketing the website well enough to find the customers and a good combination of Paid Search (adwords) and search engine optimisation will get you there.

You may think that Magento is only good for those online shop owners that source their own products, but no, with uMarketplace from Unirgy, you can now have an all singing all dancing Marketplace. This Magento extension enables you to give your suppliers access to the back-end of your website so that they can enter in their own products, set the pricing, the shipping, promotions etc and you just do what you know best – online marketing.

Here are a couple of Magento Marketplace websites we have built

 YOOHOPP – Bring the High Street Online

 From Britain With Love – Suppliers from all over Britain coming together

Our Delivery Process


It is vital to the success of any project that everyone fully understands what needs to be delivered to ensure a highly successful outcome. During this phase we will run a workshop that will cover; website success criteria, design, user journey’s, your product portfolio, order management, order fulfillment and understand if there are any 3rd part integrations required.


objectsource uses an Agile development methodology. In short, this means we deliver your website in 1 or 2 weekly ‘Sprints’. Each sprint delivers completed areas of your website for you to review and feedback on. This way you get to see our progress throughout the project development cycle, you are not left wondering. You will be asked to plan your time to participate in each Sprint start briefing and each Sprint end testing/review.


A great looking website is one thing, but if it does not work then the customer will be put off and have a very negative view of your brand. Testing is undertaken throughout the delivery process to ensure that issues are discovered as early as possible and to negate having a protracted testing phase at the end of the project. You will also be invited to test at certain times throughout the project delivery.

Go live

Once you have given the go ahead to go live, we will run through a 35 point Go Live checklist, one that we have created over the years of delivering successful websites. This thorough process usually takes up to 1 day to successfully transition your site live.