Magento – 3rd Party Integration Development

I have to say, objectsource are getting quite a reputation for building exceptionally robust custom Magento Extensions for all sorts of common and weird and wonderful 3rd Party Systems.

When a client comes to ask if we can synchronise orders or inventory or products or whatever with their 3rd Party system we used to um and ah, but now we say “yes, love to”! We have built an excellent team of experts in this area due to our growing reputation in this area and they thrive on a challenge.

Here are just a few of the integrations we have done recently and built them as Magento Extensions so that the Magento Platform itself is preserved.

  • Worldpay – we built a Magento Extension for their Corporate Gateway.
  • GBG Global – Age Verification – A solution to verify customers age before they checkout. Perfect for the eCigarette, alcohol and high value goods sectors.
  • Custom API development for a ‘home grown’ application
  • Instagram – so you can display images on your website from their social media site.
  • DHL (Red Prairie) – This was for a customers specific fulfilment warehouse delivered by DHL.
  • Futura
  • 3D Digital Printing Solution – Bringing in their 3D animations for product customisation and then sending order details to the digital printing facility to print the order and send it.
  • SAP
  • Affiliates – AWin, Affiliate Window, Linkshare, Tradedoubler, Fusepump – this is where we brought in the retailers products, converted them into a format Magento needs to be able to display them on the website. There is also a Magento Admin facility to manage them.
  • and many more…

If you have a requirement, then just give us a call and we will let you know what we can do for you.