Drupal support and maintenance

Once your new website is live, this should really only be the beginning of it’s life. You need to know that it’s being kept up to date, that it’s running as it should and that new features are being added.

You want your site to stay fresh, to keep your audience engaged and to grow and adapt to suit your needs, your customers needs and your changing operating environment.

Object source offer support contracts to deliver the level that you need to suit your site and your business.



Continuous Development Support – there for you when you need to add new features, make design changes, add in new 3rd party modules, how to use the Drupal Admin Panel and other content management queries to ensure you always get the best from your Drupal investment.
Web Strategy Consulting – some clients feel they would like to benefit from someone who lives and breathes the web enagement business and has Drupal experience.  We can help you with this by providing a regular Web Strategy Review, where we would discuss and create measurable actions for: attracting the right traffic, traffic conversion, audience retention, social media engagement.



Site monitoring –  something objectsource does for a number of clients. For a retained fee, we proactively and at times, because needs demand this, reactively support your website, ensuring site performance, stability and security.
This arrangement specifically includes:

  • 24/7 Uptime monitoring, with best endeavours recovery.
  • Monthly report of server usage.
  • Clearing up of logs to assist with disk space capacity.
  • Performance of server during peak periods to ensure it can cope with increases in traffic.
  • Site performance; speed and uptime reports. This will be complemented with any recommendations to improve these metrics.
  • Assessment, scheduling and deployment of security patch releases to the Drupal platform.

This is always seen as an ‘insurance policy’ and therefore the uptake of this only happens after an outage recovery has occurred and therefore lost sales as a result. The choice is yours.


Drupal Training

We’ll support you as your new site goes live and as it grows with your business. Our team can provide training for your team, tailored to suit your site and your needs. This will enable you to get the most out of your site by taking an active role in keeping the content fresh and relevant and growing with your business.