Something for everyone in Magento 2.3

At Magento Live in Barcelona last week, Magento announced the release of Magento 2.3. They were pretty excited about it and after attending a ‘deep dive’ session on the features, I saw exactly why!

  • Reach new audiences
  • Rapidly create engaging site content
  • Create high-conversion mobile experiences
  • Streamline payment & risk management
  • Unify commerce data, integrate commerce tools

There really is something for everyone; the merchandiser, the marketeer, the operations manager and the developer!

For the merchandiser; they will be able to easily upload their products to Amazon and manage the merchandising of them, all through the Magento Admin Panel. The information dashboard will really help them understand the performance of this marketplace for them.

For marketeer; they have given you even more autonomy than you have had before. Imagine being able to sit and create your own landing pages for promotions, campaigns and thought leadership articles, well now you can with the Page Builder. This pager builder requires no programming or HTML knowledge and all with a flexible layout, it will let you add in products, images and text.

For the operations manager; they say that 50% of cart abandonment is related to shipping options, Magento Shipping is becoming even more enriched. They have added more global carriers, automated fulfilment processes, drive cart conversion and revenue and so much more.

And there is more is more for you guys! They have now added in MSI – Multi-source Inventory, the ability to manage stock in multiple locations to reflect physical inventory. This is something I know we have been wanting to see for a while, as it negates the need to use multiple extensions.

Now for the developer and likely the most exciting bit of all! You might wonder why something for the developer would be so exciting! Magento are launching the Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Developer Studio. This now means that your developers will be able to provide the most custom, bespoke and therefore compelling user experiences for your customers. The thing that excites us most about PWA is how you will now be able to basically provide a mobile app! Imagine giving your customer an immersive full screen experience and push notifications about your latest promotion!

The above is only the sum total of all the features coming out in Magento 2.3; Magento Payments, Google Ads integration and much more.

This steam train is not for stopping and all that the Adobe acquisition has shown us, is that this train is only going to get faster and better!

If you would like to know more about how Magento 2.3 can benefit you and take your online shop to a whole new level, then don’t hesitate to give us a call and Rebecca, our Managing Director and Head of Commerce Solutions, will be happy to walk you through the advantages.

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