Client Success Management

Frustrated with not getting things done or still waiting to get your site live. Are you losing sleep and at times think your marbles? This is where our Client Success Management Service will solve this for you.

Client Success to us is when you, our clients, achieve your desired outcome through your interactions with us.

Our Client Success Management Service

We hear how eCommerce Managers and Business Owners get really frustrated with the progress that is being made on their website. This is compounded with hearing how much money they have already spent on getting their new website live (if it has yet) and now not getting a return on that investment.

Our CEO, Rebecca Jones, only knows this too well, having been on that side of the fence and not just felt this pain, but also knows what does or does not work. She has brought this experience into objectsource to delivery the very best Client Success Management Service in the business. By engaging with objectsource, you will not only feel fully supported, but you will have the successful site you dreamed off.

How we make this happen

  • ‘I just want to talk to someone’ – you will have a weekly Account Management Review with a Director, your Platform Consultant and any other team members we believe will help you.
  • ‘This Account Manager is just holding things up’ – we don’t have Account Managers, your tickets are responded to by the person that will be working on the ticket.
  • ‘How long did that take’ – a timesheet showing you how many minutes, not rounded up hours, a ticket has taken and who worked on it.
  • ‘Argh, everything is a ticket’ – no, not with us, we know that talking to someone is really important and you can pick up the phone to us anytime. However, sometimes this takes time and you just want to ping someone a message, we have a chat group just for your account.

So, we have a proven process, great communication strategy and let you get to the people that do the real work!

What is covered with our Client Success Management Service

Weekly Account Reviews

  • Review work completed
  • Priortisation of tasks
  • Strategy review
  • Future planning

Site Performance and Stability

  • Site speed reports
  • Upgrades performed
  • Site security patches

Small Feature Enhancements

  • Module installations
  • New payment options
  • UI enhancements
  • Report creation
  • Bespoke features
  • and so much more, you dream and we will make it come true


  • New niche site
  • B2B or D2C site
  • Bespoke integrations
  • Customisation
  • and so much more, you dream and we will make them come true

User Experience & General Creative Design

  • Website redesign
  • Individual page redesign
  • Customer Contact emails
  • Marketing emails
  • Brand refresh

“Don’t Just Adapt. Thrive”

Download our “Don’t Just Adapt. Thrive” information sheet for more information on our Retained Services, Case Studies and example costs.


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