Support & Maintenance

Traditionally known as Support & Maintenance, we to call them Retained Services. The difference is we work, in partnership, with you to grow your online store.

Retained services that are customised for your needs

We build businesses not just websites

Our single minded focus with all our work is about helping you to build your business. What is the point of your online store if it is not making money.

Who is this for

This is not just for sites that we have designed and built, we also take on sites that are already live. As long as they are running on one of the platforms we support, then we are ready to help you.

For those merchants wanting us to take over the support of your existing site, then we would just need to run an audit first, but then off we go.

Designed to meet you needs

We understand that not every merchant has the same needs, as it very much depends on the skillsets you have in-house. We will devise a Retained Services Agreement that will work for you and in the way you need to work. 

All service agreements need to have an element of ‘keeping the wheels on the bus’, some will need regular small feature enhancements and other will also need projects executing. You may need some or all of this.


When you come onboard, we negotiate the hours you will need each month and this is then fixed for a rolling three months, no twelve month contract here. We are confident that we will provide a great service where you will not want to leave and if we are not, then why are either of us losing precious sleep over it! 

Talk to the organ grinder

A key differences in the way we work is that we do not place an Account Manager in between you and the person directly working on your site. We want you to talk directly with the team, you know what your issue is  and they provide the solution. This speeds everything up and gives you a better return on your investment.

Not sure what you should be doing

Don’t worry, we have this covered too. Our Founder, Rebecca Jones and her Management Team have been in the business for over 20 years and will be on hand at all times for you to work with to generate ideas and problem solve major business issues. One of Rebecca’s specialist fields is not just understanding how to generate revenue, but also how to grow your business without growing the number of people to support it.

“Don’t Just Adapt. Thrive”

Download our “Don’t Just Adapt. Thrive” information sheet for more information on our Retained Services, Case Studies and example costs.


Relevant projects

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