Integrations & Migrations

We won’t hold back on this, integrating with all sorts of 3rd Party systems is a super power of ours!

You also cannot have an eCommerce agency without having your fair share of migrating sites from one platform to another!

Considerations and our Approach to Integrations

first consideration

The integrations that your eCommerce site is going to need are one of the first things to understand before chosing the right platform for you. We are not talking about where you are needing to connect with payment systems (Stripe, PayPal, Worldpay, Bluesnap etc). We are talking about systems like an OMS (Order Management System), WMS (Warehouse Management System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) etc.

This where the cost can really ramp up, if you are not careful. Some platforms will already have modules that you can install to connect to the well-known systems, some will have partially baked versions and some may have absolutely nothing and you will need to get one built.

Our approach

When requested to complete an integration with an eCommerce platform we support, the first thing we will need to understand is:

  • What data are you wanting to pass to and from your site.
  • How often does this data need to be passed to and from your site; real-time, every hour, overnight etc.
  • Why do you need to send and receive this data, as the reasons may have other functional knock-on effects that are important to understand.
  • Then it will be down to understanding the 3rd Party system and what it has available for us to send and receive data too i.e. API’s, csv files, etc.

Once this is all understood, then we will first look for a module that has already been developed and assess the suitability. It could be that the module fulfills all of the needs, in which case, we will install, configure, test and move on. If it fulfills some of the requirements, then we will augment the module with the rest. Only as a last option, will we recommend building something bespoke to meet your needs.

Platform Migrations - moving from one platform to another

your options

We have completed many platform migrations ranging from Magento 1, Prestashop, EKMPower, bespoke platforms and many more. For these we present our clients with different options to suit their needs. These are as follows. Please note, these are guide options, but there can always be something inbetween.

Lift and Shift

This is when we are basically replacing the ‘engine’ of your site, swapping it for the new eCommerce platform. So we are migrating all your products, customers and orders, finding best fit functionality for what you already have and using your existing site design. This is the cheapest option, but perhaps not the one that will give you your biggest ‘bang for your buck’.

New design

This is exactly the same as the above, but we add on a design phase. This is when we understand your brand and design a compelling user experience. It is important to note, that with the ‘lift and shift’ you still have to develop the front-end theme, so the only addtional cost with this option, is the design.

Start again

This is again, very like the ‘lift and shift’, but we are only migrating your products, customers and orders. However, this is a project that is run like our usual store build projects.

Relevant projects

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