eCommerce Strategy

With over a decade of experience in designing, building and maintaining eCommerce stores, you cannot go wrong with us. We know that one size does not fit all, and we spend time understanding your business and the issues you face, before offering you a solution.

“I need an online store that will both suit my needs now and grow with our business”

Which eCommerce Platform

Our first step is to ensure you are selecting the right platform for your needs. Magento is best-of-breed, but you have to be set up to take advantage of the power and flexibility it has. BigCommerce is awesome at taking away a lot of the standard maintenance tasks, but can also limit you. Aero is a new contender and great for those looking for the flexibility of Magento, but don’t want to pay for the Commerce license or use the free version.

Now to build

We deliver our projects back to front. The first task is to ensure that all the product data is uploaded and all features are present. It is only when the data and functionality is in place that we start to design, having confidence it will work and provide results. Our development and design phases are delivered in two-weekly ‘sprints’, at the end of which we conduct a ‘show ‘n’ tell’ to demonstrate progress and receive feedback. During each sprint, the site is being tested, leaving less testing with more reliable outcomes when tested as a whole by the client. 

Let’s Discover

We run four workshops to ensure we understand your business and its needs as our discover process. We start with understanding the products you sell, then how you need to sell them online, then what other systems does your site need to interact with, finally, we will discuss your look and feel requirements. This informs the Solution Specification we create to record the details of your new website, providing transparent pricing and delivery plan. This is for you to sign agreeing the scope of the project.

Now we are ready to grow

We use the word ‘we’ deliberately when we talk about working together, as going live is just the start of our partnership! We will now work with you to review the performance of your site and continually look for ways to improve it. We will be looking at; how you are attracting your traffic, conversion rate optimisation, increasing the average basket value and retaining your customers.

Relevant projects

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