• Other Criteria

    • Tailor-made design
    • Internationalisation
    • Ajax scrolling
    • SagePay integration

    This is a Magento 2 Open Source site with a very bespoke design. The design had to be this way, as it was very influenced by their Art Direction. Well, that stands to reason if the person that founded the company is the acclaimed artist, Damien Hirst.

    This was a migration project, as we were moving them from a bespoke eCommerce Platform to Magento 2. With that would come a lot of changes in the way they needed to setup their products. Most companies that are experienced with the redevelopment of an online shop site will know that it is getting the products in that takes the most time and can be complex. We worked very closely with the team at Other Criteria to get this right.

    Magento 2 Open Source was more than enough for what they needed at this time and so now they have a great online shop that showcases the emerging and established artists publications. They were so happy with the outcome, then we were then commissioned to design and build a site for their Gallery, Newport Street Gallery.

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