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    Having already successfully taken over their Magento shop sites, Morelli asked us to replatform one of their other online shop sites onto Magento 2.x. This was by no means a straightforward project, the site needed a complete redesign and new logo.

    We started with moving the products across first. The Morelli products were not simple, they had some complex products that needed careful analysis before importing into Magento and therefore providing the best way to merchandise them on the site. Once all the product data was in, we were then able to pick up the challenge of providing the right design. The design had to appeal to a business audience, spray paint repairers, but still have a consumer feel to it. At the same time we also needed to incorporate the Morelli logo, but change it in a subtle way.

    Finally, it is important to also mention that a custom real-time integration also had to be built for MAMs, a back-office system used specifically in this sector.

    The client was delighted with the outcome and as a result, commissioned another project with us.

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