• Goat Fashion M2

    Step out in fashion with this site

    • Magento Commerce Edition site
    • Tailor-made front-end design
    • Imagery lead and focussed
    • Size availability on the products on the category page
    • Bespoke integration with their fulfilment house
    • Stripe integration

    Goat Fashion have been a client of ours for a while now and back in May this year they decided that it was time for a new site. Already bought into the Magento platform, they decided to use Magento again, this time Magento 2 Commerce Edition.

    This was not just a move to Magento 2, but also a complete redesign of their site. This redesign and move was an opportunity to learn from what they did previously and bring in some new, much needed features that would increase their conversion rate.

    This being a fashion site, imagery was everything, we needed to make sure the customer got a really good feel of what the garments would like on and not just sitting as an image on their own. We also wanted to reduce the amount of time the customers would spend on looking for garments that are in their size, so we placed the sizes available on the category pages.

    Clearly, having an image heavy site can cause performance issues, so there was care and attention given to this area to assure the performance. Some of this was in fact down to Magento’s great tools for this i.e. fastly.

    On launching their site, they got a huge influx of visitors and the site didn’t even flinch! Our client and of course ourselves, are absolutely delighted with the outcome.

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