Controlling your Magento 2 site build

Worried about how much of your time a new website will take up and how much money it will cost you? Perhaps you are concerned you don’t have the expertise or time to put together a comprehensive brief that will ensure you will get a return for your investment? If one or all of these are concerns, but you know you must get a new online store, then our Design and Development Process will help you.

objectsource have been designing and building Magento websites for over 6 years now and have a portfolio of 15+ Magento 2.x sites to boast. As a result of this, we have devised a relatively unique Magento development process that will give you confidence in the delivery and the outcome you desire/need.

We start with a Discovery Phase. Whether you have a blank page, a list of requirements or a comprehensive brief, this phase, conducted by our Magento Consultants, will leave no stone unturned. We will discuss your products, the order process (user journey), fulfillment, any 3rd party integrations, design and then everything down to tax settings, currencies, customer communication emails and so much more.

As a result, you will receive a comprehensive document stating everything we are going to do; features, configuration, design objectives, costs and timeline.

The next phase is planning. The plan will include development, design and testing. The plan is divided into 2 weekly delivery iterations, otherwise known as Sprints. Each Sprint would have a planning session before it starts and demo session at the end, so you can see the progress. We would then assign a payment milestone for each completed Sprint. This gives you the control to plan each Sprint around holiday’s, peak trading periods and in some cases cash flow. We can go as fast or as slow as suits you and your business.

Now we are into the Design, Development and Testing Phases. It is at this point that you will be assigned a Senior Magento Developer so you have a ‘go to’ for all your Magento questions and queries and not have to go through an Account Manager. This Senior Magento Consultant is joined by a Delivery Manager and our Solutions Architect. The Delivery Manager is there to ensure everything stays on track, including giving you grief too, if you have not delivered what we need! Our Solutions Architect is reviewing how the site is built and ensuring that the Magento Best Practice is being used.