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For those organisations thinking of launching a trade or wholesale site, then you must look at Magento’s B2B module as a strong contender for your platform of choice.

Here are some great statistics from Magento:

  • ‘82% of B2B buyers say that they’ve used Amazon to make a purchase for work’ – why are you letting them buy from Amazon when they could be from you…?
  • Is it because, ‘38% want flexibility to purchase 24×7’!
  • ‘53% will make half or more of work purchases online by 2018’.

The statistics tell you, ‘you have to be in it to win it’!

We thought it was great to see Magento extend their platform to include some key B2B features, “well done guys, let’s get a head of the curve and have something ready for when businesses start to take this seriously”! Little did we know that actually, they are bang on time. We have already seen the requests for trade and wholesale sites triple. Businesses are not only looking at Magento 2 to be their B2C platform of choice, but they are also saying “let’s just get the B2B site done at the same time, because we can on the same platform”.

It is a great choice, as there is in fact a lot of leverage that can be achieved. Anyone who has been through a design and build of a site knows that getting those products in can be one of the biggest challenges, this is one of the biggest areas you can leverage from. The other main area is that, if you are already working with a Magento 2 Agency for your consumer site, there are 2 things here; 1) they already know what they are doing, as it is Magento 2 and 2) they already understand your business, so the learning curve is lessened.

If you improve buyer experience you are going to build loyalty, reduce costs (for you and them) and grow revenue. Here are just some of the key features that come with the Magento B2B module.

  • Company Accounts – ability for trade/wholesale customers to manage users of the account, see their credit balance, change address information and more.
  • Quick Order – give the customers an online form to quickly tap in SKU’s or names of a product in a form, see the inventory level and add to basket.
  • Price lists – have their own personalised price lists that you have set.
  • Quoting – build a basket that can be sent to you for quoting and show negotiation notes back and forth between you and your customer.
  • Build requisition lists for later.

This is just some of the great features in the Magento B2B module. We know all about this, as we already have experience in designing and building trade sites using this module.

If you want to have a no obligation chat about whether this could be a fit for you, then just give one of our Consultants a call.

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