Magento 2 is great! Stop your whinging

Ok, this is going to be a rant! Ready… Set… Go…

I am sick to the back teeth of people complaining about Magento 2! Grow up, all of you, grow up. I have been in this eCommerce business for nearly 20 years and seen a lot of platforms come and go, never have I seen a software company, like Magento, take a massive bold move and retire their platform in favour of rebuilding it using all the latest technology!!

Come on everyone, lets face it, Magento 1 needed retiring. They made their first release back in March 31 2008 and I don’t think even they knew just how successful they would be. The platform got a massive take up to the point of large corporate organisations, known for their “you don’t get fired for buying IBM” mentality, using Magento Enterprise for their online stores! The platform utilised the latest in open source technology and in the last 7 years, do you not think that things have moved on significantly! How many other eCommerce platforms out their can boast that they have a platform that is using the very latest stuff and therefore totally set up for you to not only take advantage of all the latest eCommerce things that sites should be doing, but also still be extremely cost effective.

Stop whinging about the bugs! So what, they released Magento 2 too early, but nora batty, they have worked tirelessly to ensure the important stuff got fixed asap – thank them for that rather than giving them grief. Magento 2.1.3 is in a great place! I have not been so excited about the next era of working in this space. I have seen many software packages and platforms that just get tired and then you have this massive headache of finding something new and worse still, learning something new.

Magento, I congratulate you on being a responsible software house! Thank you for taking a successful platform that was starting to show signs of breaking at the seams and giving us a new and improved version that we, as a Magento Agency, a Magento 2 Agency now, can feel confident that we are building good future proof sites for our clients.

All of you folk that have a downer on Magento, “stop whinging, embrace this change”. Magento is still the best eCommerce platform out there and still incredibly cost effective.


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