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We are delighted to be able to announce that we are in the unique position of having designed and developed over 12 Magento 2 websites. There really are not that many agencies out there that can boast something like this.

We decided to be an early adopter of Magento 2 when it was launched in November 2015. The first Magento 2 website we did was The Real Flower Company and this was also a migration from Magento 1.9.2 to Magento 2, so that was another feather in our cap. Over recent months we have now been able to use the tools from Magento to migrate the products, customers and orders, this has made the process far more efficient.

We are also able to boast the fact that we have completed builds on all four Magento Editions; Magento Open Source, Magento Commerce On-Premise, Magento Starter Cloud and Magento Professional Cloud. There are different benefits for choosing the right Edition for you and as expected, the decision as to which to use is very much based on your business needs and your online channel plans for the future.

It should also be noted, that being a good Magento 2 Agency is not just all about the Magento eCommerce Platform! We also have to know about the other exciting products that Magento are now adding to their suite! It is really great to see some really serious solutions for other eCommerce pain points:

Magento Business Intelligence – First important note about this product, you do not have to have a Magento online shop! This is a fantastic tool that will bring in data from different sources to provide you with intelligent reports that will help you make the right decisions for your online business.

Magento Order Management – With this addition you can now provide an excellent customers experience, end to end. Putting in Magento Order Management means providing omnichannel fulfilment, inventory management across multiple locations, EPOS, ERP integration and much more, all through simply setting up rules.

B2B – Many organisations are now moving to provide online sales platforms for their trade and/or wholesale customers. This means providing a different user experience and features i.e. customer specific pricing, credit lines, reordering, quick ordering etc. Now Magento provide this as an additional feature with the Magento Commerce Editions.

What makes this even more exciting for us as a Magento 2 Agency, is that due to the new Magento 2 Platform being built in such a modular way, they are able to continually add new features at a rapid rate and not spend time working out how to architect it to bring in a new feature. They are also not being held back by legacy. Magento are providing new releases every quarter and these releases always have something interesting to look out for.

Magento 2 has been a big change for us, new technology, new development processes to incorporate, new ways of developing solutions for the platform, but we invested and embraced it. As a result, we have seen efficiency in how we work, resulting in not only sites going live quicker for our clients, but also big results in terms of increase in visitors and conversions.

We have always called ourselves a Magento Agency, but we are now a Magento 2 Agency.

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