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24 March 2019

Magento Agency London

We are a Magento Agency, based in Central London and with offices near Gatwick and in Crewe. Magento has been the mainstream of our business for nearly 7 years, due to our owner being a well accomplished eCommerce industry expert....

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7 March 2019

Magento vs Shopify

Experience-driven, limitless commerce vs. template based, non-differentiated commerce. Don’t compromise on your commerce experience by using a one-size fits all solution. Magento is ideal for fast-growing small businesses. Unlik...

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26 February 2019

Ultimate Magento 2 Upgrade Checklist

So you have a Magento 1 powered eCommerce store and you’ve been told that you should eventually move to Magento 2? Well you should. Not only because the Magento 1 will reach ‘End of Life’ in June 2020, but also because Magen...

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10 February 2019

PWA – The future

Heard the hype about PWA, Progressive Web Apps? Well if you haven’t, then you better get researching, this is the future. I am in love with PWA! So many times I have tried so hard to think that online retailers are not losin...

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13 January 2019

Headless Magento – It is the future!

I am getting a few clients ask me about Headless Magento and in fact, I am getting quite a few people in my professional network just asking me generally what I think about Headless! What I love about having been in technology for...

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12 November 2018

5 Ways to Increase Average Order Value

Get the most out of every online order Easy-to-implement strategies to get your customers to spend more Getting customers to buy multiple items—and spend more money on each order—is a great way to increase sales and revenue. I...

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5 November 2018

How to Increase your Conversion Rates

10 Tips for Turning Site Visits into Sales A guide to easy and not-so-obvious opportunities for increasing your conversion It might seem like promotions and discounts are the only ways to improve conversion, but there are other wa...

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2 November 2018

Magento vs Shopify

Find a solution that works for you In-depth guide to help you decide Competition and customer expectations are higher than ever, and the technology is changing fast. Merchants are under a lot of pressure to choose the right platfo...

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