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  • eZ Systems, Content Management & eCommerce

    Can be compared to Drupal, except it is fully supported by the software vendor, therefore ensuring platform security and regular, fully tested feature updates.

    The perfect solution for media companies, brand owners wishing to sell online and those needing to launch their online B2B channel.

    Selected by, The Economist, Grazia, Habitat and many more.
  • Site Building & Content Management

    Everything you could need; visual page builder, SEO and URL management, multiple page layouts and templates, freedom to use HTML markup, scheduling of content curation, native enterprise search, integration for user generated content. These are just some of the great features.
    Providing creative autonomy to the content writer.
  • B2B eCommerce Features

    Integrated eCommerce platform with API's for ERP integration (SAP, MS NAV), budgets with approval workflow, catalogue, search, checkout, registration and much much more. As it is integrated you can seamlessly bring in your product content alongside the catalogue browsing and search and therefore enriching the user experience.
    Experience-driven eCommerce never made easier.
  • Workflow Management

    Full support for content localisation and translation. There is an automated translation option for up to 64 languages and support for exotic character sets. All the country sites can be managed from one user management interface.
    Getting your website across the world has never been easier.
  • Headless & Open API's

    Full support for using as a headless platform. This allows you to create truly custom user experiences. Use the open API's to connect to any data sources that will either enrich or better inform the users journey. If you would like a demonstration of the platform, please contact us.
    Not letting the platform dictate the website design and therefore user journey.
  • Want to see it in action?

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    No time like the present to step up your online game!
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