eCommerce Heads Meetup

We’ve been wanting to do it for a while now and we finally did on Wednesday night cohosted with our Partners Austin Fraser. We had our first eCommerce Heads Meetup. This was an open invitation to anyone that is responsible for running an online shop, not just clients of objectsource and therefore not just people using Magento!

We have to say it was a great evening and I personally met some great folk and shared some interesting stories. Having a drink, in the centre of London,with other senior eCommerce professionals and just chatting about anything and everything eCommerce which was really insightful.

Even though I have been an Head of eCommerce myself and now working Agency side, I just did not realise how many challenges we shared and how sharing those challenges can help you overcome these challenges to help drive your business forward. Whether it was sharing the issues we face with our current platforms, be that Magento, Demandware and Hybris (those were the only ones talked about on Wednesday) or how we keep up with the constant emerging customer eCommerce trends or simply relaying tips we’ve found helpful when managing our eCommerce functions.

It was all really interesting and some came away with ideas for how to solve their next big thing. There was one who needed some advice on whether to migrate to Magento 2, another who wanted to know what others were doing to  increase conversion rate, another who wanted to share their lessons learnt from their last web build.

These Meetups are completely open and we create an environment where you can relax and get an opportunity to talk to other like minded people. Don’t worry if you are perhaps a little shy, there are people there to ensure you are welcomed and introduced to others. And don’t worry about getting dry mouthed, we provide a drink too!  

We will be holding these Meetups monthly so if you would like to come along to the next one please send a request to [email protected] with ‘eCommerce Heads Meetup’ as the subject and we’ll be in touch.

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