Dreaded my Christmas Online Shopping, as a Magento Agency owner!

Yep, I dreaded doing my online shopping because I start being quite critical and really assessing who is doing what.

As the Managing Director of a Magento Agency, I do find shopping online sometimes stressful. You see, at the end of the day, I want to be sure that the Magento sites we design and build are the best, not just from the design aspect, but also the features and most importantly ease of use. Has to be said, I was pretty happy with our performance after some of the experiences I had. However, here are the things that persuaded me to buy from one site as opposed to another.

  • Yes, as always, price is key one. There is little you can do about this if someone is able to sell the product for less. However, if you are a gifting site, offering gift wrap or easy way for the recipient to return the product would be a sway factor.
  • Delivery charges were also key, but assurance on when I would get my product was even more important. Knowing when I would get my product and whether it would fit through a standard letter box or if I had to sign for it or if it would be left with a neighbour was a big pull for me to buy from one site or the other.
  • Wow, reviews was a big thing for me, especially when buying something I am really unsure about as someone has asked for a type of product and you have to choose!!! I had to buy a handheld gaming console for my son, have to say I was completely out of my depth there, but reviews from other parents really helped me. Reviews are also good for Magento websites (well any) that are perhaps not as well known and therefore need to give confidence to the consumer that they are good.
  • Loved this little feature on this site http://uk.infinitypro.com/. You will see in the bottom left how it tells you who has just bought the product you are thinking to buy! Gave me real confidence in buying it and then when my order showed up, I was even more delighted, as part of me wondered if that widget was a gimmick!
  • So, I did not like this site for usability of it http://www.smythstoys.com/uk/en-gb/, found it a little annoying, but I did like the easy Click and Collect feature. Being able to click and collect and therefore not worry about an expensive present going missing or being returned umpteen times because I am not in was another sway fact for me.

Wow, I could really go on and on and if I have time, I may just do that in another blog post! However, I do hope that these observations ring true to you, especially if you are a Magento website owner, because introducing any of these things is super simple!!

Anyway, that’s enough from this female Magento Agency owner, back to more Christmas stuff with my little boy!


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