From Retail Crisis to Retail Success – BigCommerce

Our BigCommerce Accelerator Package, for all sizes or types of business

Cost: From £5,000 + Free Discovery Phase

One Day Discovery Workshop to include:

  • Introduction to BigCommerce
  • What online retail success is for you
  • Discover your needs:
    • Language Currencies
    • Payment, tax and shipping
    • Product data; SKU’s, product setup, complexities etc.
    • How you will handle orders and returns
    • Design requirements
    • Data migration, if you have an online shop already

From this Discovery Workshop, we will provide a full proposal detailing costs and timelines. We will make everything as transparent as we can, so you know exactly what you are getting into.

With this, BigCommerce will give you 3 months free on the Enterprise Plan and a month of on-demand training. Then to top it all off, there are a plethora of additional technology offers that will help either increase your conversion rate, increase the basket value and help retain your customers to get them to repeat order. These Technology Partners are all offering 3 – 6 months free of their service, we can take you through their offers. Here is who is involved:

  • Attraqt – Search and Merchandising
  • Trustpilot – Reviews
  • ShipperHQ – Shipping/Logistics
  • dotdigital – email Marketing
  • Elavon – Payments
  • JMango360 – Native apps and PWA’s
  • Styla- Content Experience

With all this, how can you go wrong, but to be a successful online retailer!

Get in touch now and start getting your bright retail future on track.