8 May 2022

Adobe Commerce / Magento – I am losing sales – Part 1

There is no doubt that we are in an economic downturn! But does that mean we should just give up, let this be the excuse for why our sales are down?! The answer is no, of course!

Peoples lives depend on us business owners being true entrepreneurs and finding ways to continue to fill the sales funnel. Some good news… As we design and build, then continually develop and consult across a number of online retailers that use Adobe Commerce /  Magento, I can give you some insights into what I see is working for them. As an example, with one of our clients I personally did some intense consultancy for one month. After some brave moves on their part, in month 2 they increased their sales by 66%. It is important to note that the investment made was only my time. Everything else they did was either a change in where they spent their money or simply changing what they were doing! My time was discounted to them as an existing client at £100 + VAT per hour, for 2 hours per week.

Not all the ideas we have work for all clients, as they are not all setup the same way, have the same resource available, money or, of course, product. However, they are all using Adobe Commerce or Magento and this means there is no glass ceiling, not like other eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

Part 1 of making the most of your Adobe Commerce or Magento website

Just sitting and worrying about your sales being low and throwing either paid ads or pushing discounts is not the answer. You need to get metrics to see where your problem is and then you know where you will get your biggest bang for your buck. So, first things first – are you looking at your site Google Analytics EVERY SINGLE DAY? If not, then tell me, would you drive your car and put a towel over the dashboard! Come on my friends, get with the program! Here are just 2 metrics you should be looking at to start you off:

  • Look at the Bounce Rate – if the percentage is high, then there is clearly something wrong with your Organic and Paid Search Strategy (if you have one). Meaning, you are getting the wrong traffic to your website, because people arriving expecting one thing and seeing something different, something they were not after. Your Bounce Rate needs to be at least below 50%.
  • Now look at your Conversion Rate – if this is low, then there is something wrong with your website, this could be technical or content. Technical; broken links, site speed, cannot checkout or content; not describing the product well enough, not enough images to show it off properly, no clear path to purchase.

This is just the tip of the iceberg! There are then a number of reports you should be reviewing that will give you some real insights into why your site is not getting the sales it needs. These things can range from realising there is a browser your site does not like, pages that people are dropping out from, campaigns that are not working and so on.

In Part 2 of making the most of your Adobe Commerce / Magento Website

I will talk about SEO and Paid Search. How to find out how SEO friendly your site is, key things you can do yourself without an agency and how you must have metrics to see how to move the dial. As a taster, one of my clients realised their Google Ads were not performing. I then got him an agency to handle this and now he is making £12 for every £1 he spends, this was just after one week. With a  SEO Technical Audit, we also found SEO friendliness issues and they are working on those. More on all this next week.

If you cannot wait for Part 2 and beyond, then give us a call and book an introductory session with me, the CEO and eCommerce Performance Director.