3 reasons you should be using Zendesk chat for your eCommerce store

In this on-demand world we live in, customers want answers now and when visiting your site you better make sure you provide them with the answers they need. Zendesk Chat can be the difference in losing a sale and can also increase customer retention.

If you’re not using live chat on your eCommerce store then you need to right now.  There are are different types of customers, the ones that are happy doing all the research themselves and know what they want or the ones that need assistance to help make a decision to purchase at that moment.

Yes calling or emailing are options to get the answers they need, however, emailing takes too long to get an answer and sometimes customers are unable to call because they don’t want to spend their lunch break on the phone.

Here are 3 reasons why should be thinking about introducing Zendesk Chat into your e-store to offer added value to your customer experience:

Increase Sales

Your customer encounters a problem on your site which might be anything from; they can’t add their item to the basket or they can’t apply their coupon code or even worse they have a problem with making a payment at checkout, these are all issues that will prevent a customer from making an order which will then cause them to leave.  Having live chat allows your customer agents to be available to help resolve any issues blocking the customer making a purchase. It also keeps your shoppers engaged and closer to making a purchase.

Gather important customer data

Zendesk Chat also provides you with invaluable data about your customers from:

  • The link that directed the customer to your site
  • Whether your customer is on a mobile, tablet or desktop computer as well as what operating system they’re on
  • If they’re a new visitor or repeat visitor
  • How long they’ve been on the site which may indicate they need some help
  • Whether they are actively browsing the site or idle
  • Where they’re located
  • How often they’ve used the live chat function

All this data is so helpful when knowing how to approach each visitor.

Reduce admin time

Having to compose countless emails as well as wait for responses consumes so much of a customer service agent’s time whereas live chat is instant and reduces the time spent dealing with an issue which should really be resolved very quickly.

These 3 reasons alone should encourage to think about using Zendesk Live Chat on your eCommerce store. Stop making your customers wait!

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