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Thought I would just write a blog about our great Magento Technical Partner list we have these days. We don’t just choose any partners, we are careful about them, this is our criteria:

  • Are they related to Magento and most importantly Magento 2.
  • Do they offer significant value add, this might be in revenue and/or process efficiencies.
  • Are the people who work there really good to work with! Are they fun, respectful and responsive.

So, in no particular order at all, because I really love all these guys we work with at these companies.

  • dotmailer – Brilliant Marketing automation tool and now their Magento extension has been put into Magento, that is a big endorsement! This tool will enable you to automate all those emails you need to send out and provide a great way to automate key follow up emails for certain purchases, like someone that has bought something that needs a refill in x weeks or months.
  • Magento Shipping – So this is where Magento decided to find the best Magento shipping extension out there and bring it straight into the platform itself. This is where you can get some real control over those shipping costs and in turn provide choices to the customer. Getting shipping and the costs right is so key to any eCommerce website these days.
  • Klarna – Ok guys, now it is time to really give your customers no excuses to buy from you! With Klarna you can offer ‘buy now, pay in 30 days or 14 days’. You can even offer a split payment over x months. Here is the sweet spot for this, you get your money on checkout!
  • Nosto – No more sitting there and working out which products you should cross-sell or upsell, this neat solution will do it for you. It bases what to show the customer on either their previous behaviour on the site or someone similar!

We do have more and I will be talking about them too, but thought I would leave this here for now, to give you time to consume it.

One thing I would like to leave you with, though. We have been known to run Partner days, this is where we bring in our partners and let our clients go round them to talk about their particular online business, to see if it fits them. It is a little like speed dating! Our clients love it! They get to see the very best in Magento Technical partners in a short space of time and with no obligation. Cool eh!?

If you would like to know more about how we engage and how we can help you get some real traction from your Magento site, then just give us a call. We are always willing to talk and with no obligation.

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